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We give you the tools, skills and confidence to positively impact the lives of animals and their people through industry leading formal qualifications. 

Our evidence-based positive reinforcement methods create sustainable, healthy, and happy relationships.

Our graduate members are professional accredited dog trainers who use positive reinforcement methods to strengthen the human-animal bond.   

Whether you’re a dog owner who would like to learn the basics about animal behaviour and training, a vet or vet nurse looking to add puppy and dog training to your portfolio, or if you are seeking a career change and would like to become a fully qualified behavioural dog trainer, Delta Institute has a training option for you.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Delta Institute offers education options from a weekend webinar teaching dog behaviour and training basics, to a Certificate IV course designed to graduate professional dog trainers who are fully qualified to run puppy and adult dog classes, and provide one-on-one behavioural consultations.

Why choose a Delta Institute Dog Trainer?


Delta Institute and our accredited dog trainers are committed to dog training using positive reinforcement methods.

Graduates of our nationally recognised Delta Institute Certificate IV accredited training are fully qualified to run puppy and adult dog classes, provide one-on-one behavioural consultations and are eligible to join the Delta Institute graduate membership program.

Look at for a trainer who is a Delta Institute graduate member when choosing a good dog trainer.

Delta Institute Membership

Delta Institute is committed to developing professional, positive reinforcement companion animal trainers in our community. 


Delta Institute members have committed to upholding the Delta philosophy, and conducting themselves professionally and in accordance with Delta Institute's Code of Conduct.  


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