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Want to train your dog to the next level?

Come and get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen™!

Canine Good Citizen Logo

The Delta Institute CGC™ (Canine Good Citizen™) award is a program for dogs and owners who have demonstrated competency in the range of exercises contained in the award. It is not a training program in itself.

The purpose is to reward those owners who are prepared to train their dog so that it is well mannered, confident and comfortable in everyday situations. It is also about the relationship between the dog and its owner.

Completion of the program does not grant therapy dog status or certification or qualify a dog for special access to any facility.

CGC Information

Who conducts the award?

Exercises in the award are assessed by a Delta Institute Accredited CGC™ Award trainer during any dog training they provide whether it be group or private training.

It can only be offered by currently accredited Delta Institute professional members who have undertaken the necessary training to conduct the Award.

Objectives of the award

The long term objective is to enable the Delta Institute to influence where people are able to go with their dogs such as travelling on public transport, accommodation etc.  We would also hope that local councils may give registration discounts to owners who have achieved the award.


Owners attending training with a Delta Institute Accredited Trainer and completing all assessments are eligible for the award, however your dog must be a minimum of 12 months old to be assess for the CGC™ Award.

How do I sign up for the CGC™ Program?

To find a Delta Institute trainer who conducts the CGC™ Program in your area you can use our Find a Delta Trainer  search by and select "Accredited CGC™ Award trainer" under the Type of Training offered area.

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