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Position Statements

Use of aversive equipment in dog training - 26 September 2016

Delta Society Australia Limited and its professional training arm the Delta Institute are in no way associated with the Garmin Delta Electronic Training Systems and do not condone the use of electronic training systems under any circumstance.


Delta does not support other aversive or punishment-based equipment e.g. check (choke) chains and prong collars or training methods which are based in punishment of the dog for incorrect responses.

The Society strongly believes dogs benefit from appropriate management and consistent and clear positive reward based training methods. There have been many studies which demonstrated that the use of this type of training achieves effective learning and reduces stress to both the dog and owner.

Delta Institute members follow a Code of Ethics that is complemented by Best Practice guidelines

Dog Bites


Dog bites are a result of complex human and canine behaviours that are caused by the interaction of many factors. To reduce the incidence of dog bites in Australia, the Delta Society believes a combination of encouraging socially responsible pet ownership, enforcing compliance with pet identification, registration and restraint rules, while educating the whole community including children and adults about safety around dogs - should help reduce the number of dog bites.


Delta Dog Safe™ teaches positive, proactive ways to behave around dogs, to reduce the incidence of dog bites in children.  For more information

Responsible Dog Breeding 

Delta Society encourages responsible dog breeding where breeders have a thorough understanding of husbandry, temperament, welfare and training of dogs.

Human Animal Bond 

Delta Society’s core belief is that the human-animal bond significantly improves the quality of life of both people and pets and leaves a lasting paw print on our hearts.


Our organisation believes the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals.

Pets are good for your health 

Pets provide owners with both psychological and physiological benefits and the majority are healthier than those without pets.

Dog Behavioural Issues 

Owners of dogs are responsible for the management of their dogs. If a dog causes harm or damage, the legal owner of the dog must take responsibility. Delta Society encourages dog owners to take adequate protection measures to keep both people and their dog safe.  


We recommend positive reward based dog training methods and if required, referral to a Veterinary Behaviour Specialist.

Animal Control Technologies 

Our organisation strongly believes dogs benefit from consistent and clear positive reward based training methods.  


Delta does not support aversive or punishment-based equipment e.g. check (choke) chains, shock collars (electric) and prong collars.

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