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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Teaching your dog to clean up after herself

Merrilee McGee teaches her dog how to clean up after herself!

This is Dux, a 5 year old farm bred Kelpie. She is clicker trained, and has lots of tricks. The pedal bin was taught using targeting, first by hand, then with the pedal.    The biggest problem was the fact that if she took her foot off the pedal, the lid tended to bop her on the nose so she learned to be very careful. Interestingly, she feels for the pedal, rather than looking for it. The only help Merrilee gives her is to put a sand bag in the bin, so that it is more stable and she doesn't knock it over.

Dux is a clever girl!

Ready Vet Go

Patricia Allen teaches her dog to like trips to the vet using just a few well practiced cues.

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