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Dr Jacqueline Ley, Chairperson

Meet the Delta Institute Expert Advisory Committee

Dr Jacqui Ley brings a wealth of experience spanning 27 years as a Veterinarian, which includes working in the field as a Registered Veterinarian Specialist in Behavioural Medicine for 9 years  (much longer if you count from when she saw her first behaviour case). Her profession is one based on years of her love and interest for all animals and understanding of why they do what they do. Her goal is to help them fit into our confusing and complex world.

During her years at university studying to become a veterinarian she recognised veterinary behavioural medicine as an area that brought together her interests in animal behaviour, animal training, and the functioning brain. Her expertise in this field includes 26 years as a practicing Veterinarian working in small animal practices throughout Melbourne. Jacqui also holds a Ph.D in Psychology from Monash University, and has been a member of one of the university's ethics committees for the welfare of animals. She often carries out work for zoos and other groups involved in animal welfare. These cases area always amazing. Sadly, mental health as a health condition is not understood and there is still stigma attached to it being found in animals in zoos and acquaria.


She also holds European qualifications for her field and is a past chairperson for Behavioural Medicine Exams committee for the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM). Jacqui is involved with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Veterinary Education as a tutor for the Behavioural Medicine online course and has also written an ‘Introduction to Behavioural Medicine’ and an ‘Equine Behaviour Medicine’ course. Jacqui has also published numerous scientific papers and is often asked to contribute to internationally published animal textbooks. She is used as a reviewer for journals for scientific papers.


She is also called upon by the legal profession for use as an expert witness in cases involving “dangerous dogs”. Often these are so frustrating as bad things happen and then they are made worse by poor understanding of how dogs think, react and behave. But it is good to help people understand dogs better and to help get good outcomes for the dogs.

She is involved with the Australian Veterinarian Association and has been the President of Australian Veterinary Association Behaviour Interest Group and the president of the Veterinary Behavioural Medicine Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Medicine (ANZCVS).


Jacqui is often in the media and has been interviewed by some of the country’s best known radio talk back hosts. She has appeared on the ABC radio and has presented on the past show “Can We Help” hosted by Peter Rowsthorn.

She has completed the Canine Good Citizens Instructors Course a long time ago and was involved in community-based dog training, training and taking classes when she was much younger and fitter. She competed in several dog sports with her border collie cross Mi and Spider her German Shorthaired pointer. Together they gave most things a go and were sometimes successful. She is looking forward to working with the committee and the Delta Institute to shape more positive reinforcement so dog owners have a real choice for who they engage to help them train their dogs.

Her home life is guided and managed by her incredible husband, twin sons, twin whippets, a labradoodle, a standard schnauzer, two cats, two goats, four chickens and two horses (only one of which she rides). She also likes good food, good chocolate and science fiction new and old.

Dr Jacqueline Ley

Vicky Emery, Deputy Chairperson

Vicky Emery

Vicky Emery has facilitated groups for over 25 years and has developed an energetic, engaging and confident approach, working with groups to achieve learning outcomes and real-life application. She believes in sharing real-life examples with clients and has a passion for getting into the real-life change activities, conversations and planning to get the best outcome for an organisation and its people.

Vicky has worked on most 'types' of change, including technology rollouts, organisational transformation, digital transformation, cultural transformation, relocations and reshoring, culture shifts, process change and new product deployment, building Enterprise Change Management capability and maturity - looking at how we can best achieve the behaviours and mindset shifts needed to land and sustain the results.

Vicky is a Prosci Certified Practitioner and Advanced Instructor (ex Master Instructor at Prosci) and has qualifications in education, science, Change Management, benefit Realisation, NeuroChange and coaching. Vicky is accredited in the following tools:

  • Team Management Systems

  • Human Synergistics LSI, GSI, OCI and OEI

  • Myers Brigg Type Indicator

  • Discovery Learning – Change Styles Indicator, Change Navigator

  • i4 NeuroLeader 360 degree assessment

  • Prosci Certified Practitioner

  • Prosci Advanced Instructor

  • Human Centred Design and Design thinking

  • ​NeuroChange Practitioner and Global Mentor


Vicky is a member of the Change Management Institute (CMI), Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also Deputy Chair of the Advisory Committee for Delta Society.


Vicky has two dogs at home – Luca (an 10 year old Lagotto) and Sophia (2yr old Lagotto).  Her household often have up to 4 dogs at home as they also offer a dog sitting service and seem to specialise in helping nervous owners be ok with their beloved pets staying out of their home for the first time!

Dr Bronwen Bollaert, Committee Member

Dr Bronwen Bollaert

Dr Bronwen Bollaert has worked as a veterinarian in behaviour and general veterinary practice, zoo medicine, research and welfare over the last 19 years. She has always been fascinated by animal behaviour and this interest has grown into managing behaviour patients in her dedicated Veterinary Behaviour practice, Healthy Pet Behaviour Services. Bronwen qualified as a vet at Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, South Africa, and subsequently received her Master of Veterinary Science by Dissertation.

Bronwen is thoroughly enthralled by animal behaviour and has achieved her Membership by examination of the Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Scientists in the Veterinary Behaviour Chapter.  Bronwen is a member of several professional groups and associations aimed at improving veterinary care and modern training methods.

Bronwen believes that by developing our understanding and improving our methods, we will continuously evolve: engaging in better care and practices that improve the lives of both the animals and the people that care for them. Bronwen is thrilled to be part of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Delta Institute and looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to advancing this field.  

Sharon Crichton, Committee Member

Sharon Crichton

With her background her in business and Companion Animal Training Sharon Crichton Positive Dog Training (2011) and Positive Dog Products (2013), both of which has expanded to include a team of eight trainers to help deliver dog training classes and undertake private training. Sharon and her team run dog training classes seven days per week as well as consulting on behaviour issues and private training. Sharon is accredited with the Dog and Cat Management Board and works with dogs who have council control orders.

Sharon has a number of qualifications including Grad Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Education and a Cert IV in Companion Animal Training. Over the years she has complete Dr Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course, attended the NAVC Applied Clinical Behaviour Medicine in USA run by Dr Karen Overall, has completed TAG teach, Fear Free Certification and undertaken Chicken Camp with Terry Ryan along with attending conferences every year.


Sharon and her husband Dean share their home with two Dalmatians. Pippa is about to turn 11yrs and is a ‘special needs dog’ who has provided Sharon with the most amazing learning experiences. Jimmy arrived on 1st January 2021, reminding Sharon how challenging puppies can be. Early last year Sharon lost Jasper who was the Dalmatian that really taught her about positive reinforcement training and was her heart dog.

Sharon is looking forward working with the committee in 2021.

Erin Williams, Committee Member

Erin Williams

Erin Williams gained her CPDT qualification with the Delta Institute in 2017 and says it was the most rewarding thing she has ever done. Erin is a Delta Institute Member; a Professional Member of PPG Australia and previously held a Committee role with APDT Australia.

Erin established her mainstream dog training service - Beyond Dog Training, in a regional district. She specialises in Livestock Guardian Dogs and established an additional service - Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia, which is a first for Australia. The service aims to educate farmers to implement successful Livestock Guardian Dog strategies to address their human and wildlife conflicts.

Erin also helps educate other dog trainers and suburban owners of LGDs to incorporate these unique breeds as companion dogs into suburban environments. Erin was an Administrator for a large international LGD Facebook Group (28,000 Members) and has recently returned to Admin duties in another LGD Facebook Group promoting positive reward-based approaches to handling and training of LGDs.


Her Maremma became an ambassador for the breed after her successful transformation from a working LGD into a Delta Therapy Dog. Her story is featured in Penguin’s book about Delta Therapy Dogs titled ‘Dogs That Make A Difference’. Erin’s other dog Roberto was also a Delta Therapy Dog visiting the local aged care facility.

Erin is passionate about education and hopes to not only deepen her own understanding of dog behaviour, but to also assist others to deepen their own understanding and to improve the welfare of our dogs.

Dr Dennis Wormald, Committee Member

Dr Dennis Wormald

Dr Dennis Wormald is a veterinarian and founder of the company ABAdog. He studied at the University of Melbourne including a degree in behavioural neuroscience, a year of applied laboratory research in behavioural neuroscience, a veterinary science degree and finally a PhD researching dog anxiety disorders.


During his PhD, Denis led, designed and authored four published scientific studies. He enjoys teaching, having lectured veterinary students at Melbourne University for the last 8 years. Dennis is also a computer programmer, and in 2017 he combined this with his love of dog behaviour to build ABAdog (an online dog behaviour tool that veterinarians can use with clients). Other interests include spear-fishing, bird watching, and appreciating good food and wine.

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