Component 3: Introduction to Training Class Management

Component 3: Introduction to Training Class Management, is our third and final segment of non-accredited training

Once you have successfully completed the Component 1: Dog Training the Delta Way Seminar and Component 2: Responsible Companion Animal Ownership, you will be ready to continue the practical component of study.

The 6-Day Workshop program is conducted in Sydney, New South Wales, at two venues. The main lectures (five days) are held at Rydges Bankstown, and one day is conducted a local Animal Shelter.

For those who need to travel to attend, we will provide you with a list of accommodation facilities that may be suitable for you and are in reasonable proximity to the venue/s. Those who live locally can travel to the venues on a daily basis.

Delta Institute promotes the use of humane training methods and equipment and the use of aversive equipment is prohibited at the workshop. This program of study is not suitable for those who use and promote check chains and other punishment-based equipment.

As you will be working with dogs at a shelter, students are not able to bring their own dogs. If you require an assistance dog to attend any day of the workshop with you, you will need to provide Delta Institute with documentary evidence that your assistance dog has been assessed and/or certified as such by an approved/certified assistance dog training organisation in NSW.

The documentary evidence must be provided along with your registration form. As a courtesy, you must also provide advance notice of assistance dog attendance to the Bankstown Rydges.

During the workshop, you will undertake training in areas such as:

  • Workplace Health and Safety

  • Behaviour observations

  • Teaching strategies for people and dogs

  • Writing and developing lesson plans

  • Ethics

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Practical dog training exercises

This component also includes practical elements such as:

  • Public speaking

  • Fitting equipment

  • Conducting classes

This component is non-accredited training. On attendance and successful completion of the 6-day workshop, you will be issued with a component completion summary. 

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