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Component 2: Responsible Companion Animal Ownership

After you have attended the Dog Training the Delta Way seminar, we hope we have whet your appetite for more! 

This second component of non-accredited training is designed to start your journey to developing your skills and knowledge in becoming a good companion dog owner and trainer.

To complete this segment, you do not necessarily need to own your own dog but must have access to a dog to put your learning into practice and demonstrate your skills.

Throughout the component, you will become involved in an exciting program of reading and research which will be supported by telephone and email access to your lecturers, web conferencing sessions and a discussion group with your fellow students.

Upon registration, you will be provided with electronic course notes, a Student Guide and a training skills manual which is supported by example videos.

The following topics will be included:

  • Animal (dog & cat) behaviour

  • Learning theory

  • Dog breeds and behaviour

  • Health Management in dogs

  • Basic training exercises for companion dogs

  • Training complex behaviours using targeting

  • Training other species


Delta recognises that support is paramount to the completion of distance education training. Whilst undertaking this group of assignments, you will have access to experts in the field of dog training. To make full use of this support, you will need access to a computer and reliable internet access. 


This support is paramount to the completion of this course and you should use what is provided to help you achieve your goals.

This component is non-accredited training. On successful completion of all assignments in this segment, you will be issued with a component completion summary. 

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