Become a Dog Trainer

Delta Institute Australia is dedicated to promoting best practice and scientifically proven, reward-based training techniques to help all dog-owning Australians enjoy fulfilled and enriched lives with their dogs.

With an incredible and dedicated teaching staff of experts in animal training and behaviour, Delta's course is the leading Australian program of study for those seeking to learn and use 100% reward based, positive training techniques. 

Our three non-accredited training modules below give you the knowledge and skills to become an excellent trainer for your own dog and other animals, and to begin to learn how to manage dog training classes. 

Component 1

Dog Training the Delta Way Seminar


This weekend seminar includes two days of lectures, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch. Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation bookings and costs.

This is a professional development seminar and may be tax deductible.

Component 2

Responsible Companion Animal Ownership


This includes all coursework and assignments as well as access to the trainers during your studies. We offer a monthly installment plan for students wishing to pay for components 2 & 3 together. 


This part of the course fees may be tax deductible and does not attract GST.

Component 3

Introduction to Training

Class Management (Sydney)


This includes six days of lectures, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch. Attendees are responsible for their own travel & accommodation. We offer a monthly instalment plan for students wishing to pay for Component 2 and the six-day workshop payment together. 

This part of the course fees may be tax deductible and does not attract GST. Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation bookings and costs.


Please note that the above cost does not include any additional required student training eqiupment, materials and handbooks or travel and accommodation costs where required. 

Whether you’re a dog owner who would like to learn the basics about animal behaviour and training, a vet or vet nurse looking to add puppy and dog training to your portfolio, or seeking a career change and would like to become a fully qualified behavioural dog trainer, Delta Institute Australia has a training option for you.

As a registered training organisation, Delta Institute Australia offers training options from attending a weekend seminar to learn the basics about dog behaviour and training, to a Certificate IV course designed to train instructors who are fully qualified to run puppy and adult dog classes, and provide one-on-one behavioural consultations.

All trainers who complete the Delta course have a rewarding mission ahead, in helping to produce well-socialised, well-behaved dogs with informed, responsible and satisfied owners.

Why positive, reward-based training?


Positive, reward-based training is scientifically proven to enrich your life and the life of your pet. When you understand the hows and whys of animal behaviour, the reason why positive methods of training are the most effective suddenly become clear. The human animal bond is a powerful thing and it's vital that we all take the time to learn about why our pets behave as they do.

Why study with Delta?


  • Delta's course will assist you to learn more about positive reinforcement training, the only method which is acknowledged as humane in all circumstances – this is supported by a vast body of research over the last 10 years

  • It is the only accredited course to have a Veterinary Behaviourist as an integral staff member and several others as advisors

  • Students will have access to the teaching staff to ask questions and advice for the duration of the course

  • Kerrie Haynes-Lovell is one of the most respected exponents of positive training in Australia - first in the captive animal area, now in horses, mules and donkeys as well as dogs

  • We provide the latest information on health care of dogs and on occupational health and safety issues

  • Our training instructors are pet dog trainers - we don't aspire to teach people to train security dogs, obedience champions, detector dogs or to undertake any other specialised training but with the knowledge and practical skills we provide, you can go anywhere

  • The course allows you to network with other professional dog trainers from around Australia, New Zealand and south east Asia, learning and sharing thoughts and ideas, creating friends for life

  • You are provided with ongoing mentoring and support from your instructors, other Delta trainers and the Delta staff

  • Graduates who complete the Certificate IV course can apply to join the Delta Institute which provides support, recognition and accreditation as well as ongoing education and peer support for graduates of our course

Delta Institute Australia and all Delta instructors are totally committed to companion dog training and to enriching relationships between people and their canine friends

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